Legal System


My name is Maria Dollhopf.I want to inform you all of a demonstration march that is being organized called, Deaf Access to Justice Rally.  We hope this march for next spring.

The goals for this march are as follows:

  1. Raise awareness about the inequities that continue within each area of the legal system for Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled and Hard of Hearing people.
  1. Provide a platform for returned citizens, family members of incarcerated people and others to share narratives about their own experiences.
  1. Start & speed up reform (change) to end injustice in the legal system from first encounters with law enforcement all the way through reentry for our community.

In the months leading up to the march and at the march, there will be a great opportunities for all people who are impacted by the legal system to express themselves and share their stories with one another.  We will be teaming up with some amazing individuals, coalitions and organizations who also are focusing on issues of injustice within the legal system.

We are asking that people who feel comfortable sharing your stories about your encounters with the legal system please share. The world needs to hear your story and this is your chance to be heard. Use #DeafAccesstoJustice when sharing these stories so we can share them as well.

If you want to send your story, videos, etc., directly to me, you can send them to and we can post them in our social media streams and help with creating a transcript.

Finally, I am hoping for at least three more volunteers to help organize and coordinate this effort. Please send an email to the same address if you are interested in volunteering.

Thank you in advance for your support of this effort and for sharing your story. I look forward to seeing you at the rally in the spring!

Maria Dollhopf