Should We Coin New Phrases for Our Deaf Community?

I am honoring and memorializing the list of names William Odom, Errol Shaw and Roger Anthony, as black Deaf victims of use of deadly force by the police officer. The Deaf community welcomes Darnell Wicker who is deaf in one ear and Terence Crutcher who has hearing loss.


The buttons represent the eyes which receive visual information – the nature of visual communication with ASL is a natural choice for language among Deaf people.

The zipper personifies the common misunderstanding that ASL communication equals “Not speaking”.

“Deaf” on the hat correlates to deep intrinsic knowledge of the identity and abilities of Deaf people.



Gloves display the tool used to express language.






Anticipation of positive future with justice whereby black lives matter and whereby everyone lives in peace and harmony.

“Black Deaf Lives Matter” could be viewed as a cliché or controversial, however it is still an important concept.

Maria Dollhopf